• We are now open at 6am! 01 March 2017

    We are now open at 6am!

    Rise and Shine!    Looking forward to seeing you all from 6am on the weekdays!     

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  • 09 January 2017


    To make New Year Resolutions affordable we are offereing monthly membership for only £24.99!*   *The offer is valid…

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  • 21 December 2016

    Christmas Opening Hours

    Saturday 24th 9:00-18:00 Sunday 25th CLOSED Monday 26th CLOSED Tuesday 27th 8:00-18:00 Wednesday 28th 7:00-22:00 Thursday 29th…

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  • Reps and sets at the gym 16 August 2017

    Reps and sets at the gym

    Before you start muscle training, you need to have a basic plan of what you are looking to achieve. Your goal will determine how many reps and sets you will need to do. A rep (repetition) is one complete motion of an exercise and a set is a group of…

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  • 19 June 2017

    Are there benefits to exercising in the morning?

    Benefits of exercising in the morning Getting out of bed can be challenging enough for most people.  Add in the thought of…

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  • 19 June 2017

    A beginner’s guide to building muscle

    Advice for building muscle Whether you want to build muscle in order to increase strength, fitness or in order to help your body…

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  • Why carbs are your friend 26 July 2017

    Why carbs are your friend

    Many people think that cutting carbs is the fast way to weight loss and muscle definition. There are popular low-carb or no-carb diets like the Atkins Diet that introduce low carbs to your eating regime. However, what you might not know, is that carbs are…

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  • 26 July 2017

    A beginner’s guide to gym supplements

    If you’re new to weight training, you may not know much about gym supplements. However, they are essential for muscle…

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  • 02 March 2015

    13 Quick and Easy Protein Shake Recipes

    Tired of sipping on the same smoothies every week? If you’re in a liquid meal rut, we’ve got just the protein shake…

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Muscle Factory has an old school vibe where you can go in, get your head down and do your thing. It's the main reason why I joined.

- Danny

Absolutely love this gym! Atmosphere in abundance​, amazing staff and great equipment.

- Chris

Great gym with great equipment... been training @muscle factory for 2 years with significant change to my body.

- Kevin

Great gym, best I've found in SE London. Friendly, great staff, great music [a definite plus].

- Brian